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well me and the old boar set of from orford on a nice flat calm day in search for some roker and smoothies.

after a couple of trips in the stour we thought we might aswell make full use of the nice weather and head out to sea again.

got to our mark at the end of the ebb and started hitting into loads of doggies, just before the end of the ebb my rod gave a typical big pull down of a roker and a nice one came in after a bit of a scrap,

then i had my first small top of about 2lb( returned), the doggies still kept coming even when the tide was vertualy stopped .

then a small bass of about 1lb came swining in for me( returned) which was a bit of a turn up for the books.

dad then had his turn with a nice 2lb bass so he was happy, then his shimano lunged over and after a major scrap with plenty of diving runs in came the big roker of the day a nice 8lber.

then on the change to the flood every thing went quiet.

then the fishing was steady with more doggies but then i nearly lost my rod and after a good scrap a 8lb spurdog found it way into the boat which duly spured my knee ( that bloody hurt i can tell you).

then i had a couple of more small smoothies of about 3lb which all went back to fight another day.

then i had 2 more spur dogs and a bigger smoothie to end the day.

the fishing was great and all came on squid so this must have been one of our cheepest trips of the year but one of the best.

the braid which i was trying out went well with no major foo paars so will be sticking with that i think.

tally for the day.

lsd millions
roker 3x 5lb and one 8lber
spurdogs 8lb 6lb and 5lb
smothie 4lb plus 2 smaller ones
small tope
2 bass

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Nice one mate :)

AL ..
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