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evening all,
uncle had to take his seahog for a run, and i decided to tag along with a rod and 1/2lb rag, to try a drift or two, and i hoped the wind would hold off..:doh::doh:

When we launched i knew it was gong to be tough due to the coffee colured water, and a stiff southerly breeze ratteling the quay...

As we motored up the river we observed a angling boat beached on the island, with several rods on, as we passed i notices a pile of silvery coured mesh, oviousley a net being sorted, i thought this was illegal?? or can you obtain a license??

anyway, as the engine stopped, with the tide racing one way and the wind pushing us the other way, we were going at less than a knott back towards orford, and the tide was going OUT!

Several very large bloobs on the fishfinder, fish or weed?, anyway after a hour, and the discovery i had left pringles and coke in me hilux, and not even a rattle decided to call it :cry: and use rag either tomorrow night or monday latest for a quick dabble to see if i can nab a bass or two, things can only get better...

tightlines JH.

by the way, lovely breakfast pete if you read this:bounce::bounce:
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