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The Lowestoft Sea Anglers (plus guests) headed to Orford for some action. We fished 9.00am - 4.00pm with high tide around 11.00am. There was a strengthening wind down the beach, but the sun was out so it wasn't cold.

Up to high tide not a lot was caught. We'd just missed the fish on the flood. One 2 1/2lb codling was caught by one of our guests just before high tide, but it was slow going. There was a small amount of weed which died off as the tide slowed. The crabs were there too.

The ebb was really pulling for about 90 minutes. This is when the fish moved in. Between 12.30pm - 2.00pm was catching time! For some. My dad had a 2lb codling on one rod followed by three undersize on the other rod. I, meanwhile, sat fishless with my lug/squid cocktails. Up to a foot of weed returned with the fish, not too bad.

I eventually managed one sizeable whiting on lug/prawn. The crabs then moved in again, spider crabs at that! Back at the boat the others all said straight lug was the only bait catching. The best catch was 10lb, made up of three codling plus whiting. A dozen codling were caught in total between ten of us, the biggest 3lb 12oz. Not the best day on the island we've ever had, but it was just nice to be there.
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