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well took the girls out for a little bash of orford just to see if i could get any mackkyies, but water was turn cloudy but did take some left over rag, a few crabs and some squid and blacks just to have a fish.

went out to our usual mark 4 miles off orford whilst the wind was quiet. it wasnt electric but debbie did get 4 doggies and a 5lb smoothy so another spieces under her belt.

smoothy duley dispatched as she loves to eat them plus the hook gauged out its inner gills so onther one for tea.

done saome drifting over the bar for some bass on the way in but had nothing.

but did go to a wreck whilst we were out there and found it first time so the garmin software seems good. it was only a small wreck and had bugger all on it.

all in all a good day although we was only out for a couple of hours and cara came along to do some groudbaiting , poor girl.

and buy the way cara did have a auto lifejacket on , its under ere coat as it was raining.
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