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Topics seem a bit thin on the ground for Scotland so here's a little info on the fishing so far out of Stromness.

The herring showed up in a few shoals early this year which is first time I've caught them here. I'm not a great fan of them and much prefer a good fresh mackerel. The mackerel were here quite early this year off the West Mainland coast (about a month sooner than last year). They were still inside Scapa Flow last week but they will be starting to thin out quite soon.

We had very good numbers of haddock this year until local trawlers had a few days fishing within half a mile of the coast and mopped them all up. We were catching fish around the 2-3lb mark with a few up to 5-7lbs.

Cod have been steady again with average sizes around the 3-5lb mark with a good few up to 10lbs. A cracker was caught recently during the Scottish Open Boat Championship (9-11th September) at 17lb 10oz.

Ling have been steady as ususal with plenty of fish up to 8-9lb mark.

Pollack numbers continue to be steady with a good average size.

The cod and ling will continue to improve as we move through October and into November and December. We generally see the bigger fish during this period as long as we get the weather to get out.

I'm going to have a bash for the porbeagles this year so I'll keep you posted on my progress. Tight lines.
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