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took my son out today,went to newhaven by the hope pub.antway the dredger was there so i knew the fishing werent going to be good.

started of slow with a couple of rockling to my son 2-0 to him.

then he pulls in a pollock of just under a pound 3-0 to him.

about an hour later just about high tide he pulls in a lemon sole of a fraction over a pound rwally nice fish 4-0 to him.

when we got home he gives the sole to my neighbour who is 80 for his supper.

so the day was really good with fish for him none for me no fish supper and it cost me a mc donalds too:clap3:
Hope you beat him severly and sent him to bed with no tea for out-fishing DAD..

Don't you just hate kids...

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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