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Not a report at all, but a plea for help! I bought an old 25hp Johnson Seahorse a couple of months ago & it has never run properly, so I sent it for a service/investigation.
My "man" has just told me that a piston ring in the top cylinder has broken & scored the liner quite badly. It appears that the carb is quite new, & he thinks that probably it was renewed, but after one of the reeds blocked on the old one & stopped the fuel to the top cylinder! (2 stroke, no fuel, no lubrication).
So does anybody have an old Johnson Seahorse or Evinrude 25hp "lump", that has a non-scored liner, & that is either a non-runner, & has terminal problems or something similar, or is a runner with some other mechanical defect other than a scored liner!
All other problems of bait pumps, small whiting, dogfish, pale into insignificance now that my outboard has "taken a wobbler".
You can e-mail me through the Forum, or directly to [email protected] if you prefer, woe,woe, & thrice woe!!!!
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