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With the air show on and a reasonable forecast I put together a trip for Sunday. Day started at 8am, everyone had boarded and we made our way out; we had a little swell but nothing that would trouble us in the bay. We started the day on a small bit of wreckage close to the mumbles, normally its full of wrasse and pout, along with occasional bass etc, but for a few hrs fishing we had a little pollack, a couple of tub gurnard, a dog and a lobster

We were down to just 2m of water over the top of the wreckage so we got the anchor up and headed round the corner to Langland - also put the breakfast of black pudding and bacon on.

First mark is a very steep east to west drop off, perfect for the ebb, but unfortunately the wind was stronger than the tide which caused the lines to run up along the slope and snag constantly as the boat swang.

I did have a tope on for 3-4mins, but as it took a size 6 hook with a tiny piece of mackerel for bait the inevitable happened as it rolled in the trace and straightened out the hook, other than that it was just dogs and huss when we managed to get our gear back.

We moved to some mixed ground as the tide changed, as soon as the tide began to flood the bream began to feed, along with an occasional smooth hound and bull huss.

We had 12 or so bream in a hour but as the air show was soon to start we got the anchor up and made our way to the bay. As we were coming through the Mixon channel we found a sunfish swimming on the surface.

We got the anchor down in the bay - over the next couple of hours we saw some great sport loads of pouting, poor cod and small bream along with a rock goby and a bass.

After watching the air show, red arrows and euro fighter were definite highlights, we ended the day with a few drifts for mackerel, more to let the queue for the lock to go down than anything, as we were near enough on high water hopes weren't too high for finding mackerel in numbers, the only fish in 3-4 drifts was one schoolie bass.

In all a lovely day out, we ended the day with:
35-4o Black bream - most small - a dozen or so insize half a dozen kept,
Millions of pouting and poor cod
Tub Gurnard,
Smooth hounds,
Bull huss,
2 Pollack,
2 Bass,
Rock Goby,

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Great report and pics. Well done, nice video of the Sunfish, last time I seen one was boat fishing off Morfa Beach way back in 1961.

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bass gurnard bream and nice to see the pouting too
great report as usual
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