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A fairly late start @ 8:30am, it was the day after my works due so I didn't think it would be wise to start too early!
Thankfully as we made our way out into the bay it was mirror flat!! So the hangover wouldn't be amplified by the boat slopping around.
We started the day on a small bit of wreckage in deepish water; in the hope of finding a few bigger whiting and maybe a conger or spur. The tide was very big so we'd only have the HW slack on this mark before we'd struggle to hold bottom; an hour and half later the tide was ripping through, and only a few pin whiting and a rake of dogs to show for our efforts everyone was happy for a move.

We moved to a bank more normally known for whiting, but I anchored a little higher on the bank in the hope of picking up a few flatfish also. We had a few dabs and small whiting but nothing really to write home about.

The day was getting on a bit, so as soon as the tide started to ease we moved to some hard ground to look for some better whiting so every had a few fish for the table.
Here we found good numbers of whiting to a reasonable size, a couple of spurdogs, a few conger, pouting, a lone codling, bull huss and a few dogs.

We called it a day around 4pm as a few of us had social commitments.

The forecast was great so we took the chance of running up to Aberthaw. Unfortunately, this meant an early 6:30am start.
The first mark was a deep trench off the nash, normally this area is really productive but we only had a few congers, a lone spur and a blonde amongst hoards of doggies.

Once 20oz would no longer hold bottom we moved further east off Aberthaw, in short, it was a bit pants here. We tried in close while the tide was running, then out wide as it eased. All we had to show for it was a few whiting, lots of dogs and a 15lb blonde for Nigel.

We ran back a little earlier than planned and fished into the dark where I'd had the bigger whiting the day before - here we only found dogs! Throughout the day we lost a number of good fish for all sorts of reasons ranging from tackle failures to fish just letting go... Sometimes it's just not your day!! The only saving grace was John Elvins was catering; we all ate like kings and best meal being a lovely 'warming' chicken curry (with extra hot sauce for those brave enough) for lunch!

A cold 8am Start.
First mark of the day was sker rocks. Even though the wind speed wasn't too high, the storms 2 days before meant there was a 1.3m swell running. This wasn't too much of a problem while the tide was running, but as it eased the boat started swinging with the swells so tackle losses were high. As we'd only had dogs for the first few hours we moved back towards the steel works for the first of the flood.

Again here we only found dogs, and the beam on swell increasing as it hit the shallow reef we were fishing on made making tea and cooking a chore; so after a couple of hours, in the hope of salvaging the day we headed back over towards the swigg where we found a few nice whiting. Something to note, all the better fish were taking on the top hook of the baited feathers, so it would appear their still up off the bottom chasing sprats around - all the fish taken for the table were full of sprat.

We headed back in around 4:30pm having clawed back some reasonable fishing.

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Well done on getting a few trips in Dean. Im hoping to get afloat next week after spending the hols upgrading my trailer.
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