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The weather forecast was poor for the weekend, the forecast showed we'd have a spell of good weather Friday evening, so I organized an evening trip. Thankfully the forecast was accurate; the weather and sea state was good.

We locked out at 5 pm - fishing was just ok, lots of dogs, plenty of whiting, pouting, bull huss to 13lb 8oz, and a few conger. Locked back in around 8 am.


We had a load of worm (4lb or so) left over from the evening trip, along with enough food to feed 8 people easy! The forecast wasn't great but decided to take a gamble based on the 7 pm forecast. Only 2 others interested, we boarded at 9 am - giving the worst of the wind time to blow out.

The first couple of hours were a little sloppy due to the beam on seas but once the tide eased we turned into the wind, making it comfortable. We started on a lump of rock, fishing was pretty good here, load of whiting - some of good size, lots of pout, poor cod, codling, dab, bull huss, a constant stream of dogs and a topknot!!


We headed to some gravel for the last few hours, here we dabs, more whiting, more pouting, tub gurnard and a few more dogs.

We ended the day having used up all the bait, eaten all the grub.

caught 100+ whiting, loads of pouting, poor cod, bull huss, dabs, tub gurnard, codling, a top knot and a ton of dogs!
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