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I woke up this afternoon ( on nights, not lazy ;) ), and my new paddle from the Czech Republic had arrived arrived. I had decided I needed a slightly longer paddle to go with the Jackson Cuda and Jan Liska (Zoidberg)recommended one from Panenka Paddles.
Panenka may not be a brand well known in the UK but they have an established reputation in the Czech Republic and Jan has dealt with them through his business for some time.

So, the paddle. It is a two piece 230cm paddle and weighs in at a keen 729gms.

This is the Panenka Challenge, with carbon shaft and blades.

It is jointed with the popular Allen Key style lock and markings for a 0 to 60 degree feather.

Panenka's brochure describes the paddle as:

'Exclusive paddle for sea kayaking and lake touring. Light and durable. Takes you all around the coast.

The blades are constructed using 'Prepreg technology'. ' The prepreg technology is a process in which carbon fabric is pre-impregnated in advance and pressurized during manufacturing. Asa result the end product is lighter because less epoxy resin is used. Therefore paddles using the technology are up to 30% lighter and stiffer than regular carbon fibre blades.'

One point raised in a previous thread about another brand was light showing throw the blades. I can positively confirm that when held up to bright sunshine NO holes were visible! ;)

Panenka do a range of paddles but the Challenge looks best suited for our needs. It comes from 190-230 cm and can be straight or double torque in certain sizes and one or two pieces. The great thing is the prices. Straight €166, torque €195 that equals £136 to £160. Very competitive prices for a full carbon paddle like this.

Anyone wanting price lists or a brochure let me know. I will be at Llangorse in March and you can have a try.

Here is a link to the Panenka Paddles web site.

Panenka Paddles - Challenge

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