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hi mate,

black rock - by road enter the village of lydstep, go past the pub & take the next left(signposted dead end) - follow this for approx' 500 yds through narrow lanes - you then come to a kind of junction whcih leads back into the holiday park - don't take this go over the cattle grid & park . You're now on the headland - walk straight out find the ruins of the gun emplacement - cut through the gorse or head for the cliff edge on the rhs pick up the path - & you can see black rock 100ft below! - path worn in the grass fairly easy on foot - but watch out if its raining. fish the left or the right ( i favour the lhs - personal choice thgrough catching success)

Lydstep beach - use the signosts from Tenby - enter the parkfollow the road around . PARK where you can & hey presto 1 mile of very quite beach - good both sides.

Hope this helps.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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