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A few more sessions have gone by with little to show for it. We've been itching to get on the coast but coz of weather we've been in the Haven mainly. I saw someone have a lovley fat codling from the point at Neyland the other day but we've caught nothing of note.

Newgale - coalies, small bass, little pollack and whiting, chance of big flounder.
Milford - whiting to 1lb, bass, large conger (mate had one of 35lb).
Neyland - codling, whiting, pout.

Codling are really annoying. Heard of good catches locally, but it seems a little hit or miss as to contacting them. Probably best to choose a mark and camp out. Having said that, info also says they've been caught around Lawrenny - perhaps they've moved right up the estuary during the recent dry spell.


Rhod :angry: :unsure: :wacko:
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