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hi all
got out fishing today to penarth near the ranny arrive around 3pm to find a sailing comp and a fishing comp on the pier.collected some lug from bobs tackle plus a box of squid and flew the jimny down the motorway lol
rigs used was a 3 hook flapper and 1 of jases pully droppers the flapper nailed 3 codling and jases nailed the 1 :D

heres a few pictures the view or the pier you can clearly see the hoards fishing the comp there and take a look of those sailing pillocks lol

one of those dingys caught up a guys line fishing to my left and pulled his rod heavily to the floor he wasnt happy and shouted abuse :D

some fishy pics from the god of fishing :oops:


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Well done on the Codling... you probably had more yesterday than some others had all last winter!
As for the guys in the dinghies they are there most weekends and its one of the things you have to take on the chin when fishing there. Take the road down to Lavernock point next time and fish at the Ranny pool... they wont be down that far.

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Well done butt, good session on the codling, im going on friday night down the ranny, hopefully have another good sesh like saturday nights (when I whooped my uncles ass lol) :thumbs:

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Great pics! Me and my brother fished Lavernock point yesterday and had about 3 or 4, 1lb half codling, then my bro had a 3 half pounder! All on Tenby Mackeral (which we caught last week) - Happy days
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