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Perth, Western Australia

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Hi all,

Am lucky enough to be having a couple of weeks in Perth in December which will be coupled with a long weekend further South in Margaret River.

Naturally I'm thinking about a few hours fishing here and there so does anyone have any experience of fishing around that area?

Thinking about taking a light 10-30g set up for a bit of fun plus a bit beefier set up in the hope of fishing for something a bit bigger!

just starting to think about planning so any advice would be gratefully received!
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Yes, I have, though mostly north of the city. I'd say that it's worth bringing a travel beachcaster or at least an uptide or long heavy spinning rod as some of the surf beaches are similar to clean UK ones. If you're looking at beachcasting tactics, pick your battles carefully, because you might be looking at a half-pound whiting, 2lb flathead, a 5lb tailor or a 30lb mulloway ... so tackle up ready for anything.
The light rod will probably be perfect for catching bait (herring and whiting - not like UK herring and whiting) or panfish. Take some sabikis and small plastics, but don't take too much stuff because even small Perth garages carry stock that'll put most UK tackle stores to shame.
Some reading:
And I watch Salty Fisho's vids on YouTube ... local specialist. Stuff like this:
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Hi Mark,

That's great advice, thank you very much for the link plus the heads up on Salty Fisho's channel, will definitely be watching those..... that curry on the beach looks amazing!
Yeah, he seems to end up eating quite a lot of his bait too! The herring seem to fillet well and make good fish sandwiches. And King George whiting is one of the best eating fish around ... sweet sweet little goujons of delight! Good luck - it's an amazing coastline (I drove from Perth north to Exmouth, stopping to fish along the way, about 10 years ago). Good luck with it!
Thanks Mark,

we鈥檒l be staying with my wife鈥檚 uncle for a few days (can鈥檛 quite figure out what relation that makes me to him!) but apparently he has a boat so that could open up a few more possibilities!
Yes, a boat definitely will ... and you'll need even more tackle. Snapper, groper, samson fish, dhufish ... ho ho, you'd better come armed for bear!
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I lived there for a while, bought a house in Coogee just south of Fremantle. To be honest I was disappointed with the local fishing and found myself regularly heading north to Kalbari, Shark bay or Exmouth etc for arm pulling species.

Most people around the Fremantle area targeted herring, which aren't really like herring at all, more like a small Aus salmon or roughy. These can be cast back out in a few areas in the hope of something bigger but the bigger species get a fair amount of pressure from anglers who put many hours in targeting such things as mulloway etc and understand their feeding patterns.

Anywhere that has either natural or manmade structure will often hold many schools of the small herring and often squid which on light tackle can be fun. Also worth putting either out as a hole bait just incase.

South of Perth you may find some very large schools of Aus salmon which are very good sports fish but not so good to eat, most are commercially targeted for the pet food industry or trap bait. However if bled and prepared properly, salmon can be ok to eat if you keep smaller ones under 3kg. These will take just about any lure or bait you can get to them.

Unless your wife uncle is a pretty hardcore angler with a boat capable of heading far offshore don't expect to much from local inshore waters. I was with marine rescue in that area for a couple of years so got to see and experience for myself how hard the fish can be to find around there. Some boat ramp areas will see 2000 boats per day on a good weather weekend, which accounts for a fair amount of pressure on some species. I also spear fished around that area, so got to see what species were on offer, or should I say lack of!!!!

I moved from WA back to NSW as the crime rate was pretty poor, leaving a car in a carpark behind sand dunes after dark to fish the beach was a common way to get you window smashed and everything stolen from the vehicle. There are lots of Poms living around the Perth area, you will think you are back in the UK!!!!!

The best advice would be to search out local fishing forums in the area and introduce yourself as many Aussie anglers will often accomodate you in showing what's on offer locally, more than they will to other local anglers obviously. Also be prepared that it can be pretty windy so if you aren't overly seasoned to rough water in boats take some seasick pills ahead of heading out. Also be aware great whites will come very close to shore, I saw several while living over that side. Water temps always seemed cold to me, I always dived in a 5mm suit which out of the water in the air temps of mid to high 30's was a killer!!!!!

When ever we had visitors from the UK we drove them up to Monkey Mia to see the dolphins (one day drive). The fishing up around there was good especially after dark if you fished from the shore into any deeper looking water, with various big fish and numerous shark species etc. Kalbari beaches after dark were extreme, have plenty of hooks and heavy line!!!

A really worth while book to get is the fish finder magazine which gives very good details on what and where to fish which represent excellent value in turning a fish-less day into a good one, knowledge that would take many years to gain North Australian FISH FINDER 鈥 Australia's most detailed fishing map book dont be misled by the cover, it doesn't just cover the NT but all of Aus, maybe the wife uncle already has one.
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Hi Jon, that鈥檚 great information, thank you very much for the detailed reply, most appreciated!

Will definitely have a good read of the North Australian Fish Finder. 馃憤
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