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fished the south breakwater last night from 9:00pm till 3:00am. the weather was heavy fog with a wind blowing in from the sea so decided to fish the inside with good results. after loosing a few rigs with nothing to show i finally got my first codling of 1 3/4lbs and then they started to come thick and fast, the total for the night was 7 codling with the biggest just under ther 3lb mark and the smallest at just over the 3/4lb. i lost a few to seals as well so dont know what they were so anyones guess there.
i was using mackrel,black lug,mussel and squid in different mixes but mackrel on its own did not seem to get anything as was just throwing away washed out baits every time.
there was 2 other boys fishing just down from me and as i can remember they had 2 codling of no bigger than 1/2lb and a couple of dabs.they said they were fishing scotstown beach before they came to the breakwater but gave up as the weed was to bad.
sorry there is no photo's as dont own a camera and was fishing on my own but at leased i broke my blanking habbit that has been going on.:fishing:
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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