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Pevensey Bay Today

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last few hours of flood, whiting slugs pout, a flounder and a codling around 6oz, 28 fish in all
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had two plaice sunday but both were small
im popping over for a few hours tomorrow for last few hours of flood will let you know how it is.
everything small at the moment but on light gear their fun.
sticky smelly old lug working far better than fresh too, a guy i vaguely know had pumped freshouts this morning and didnt have a bait on them whereas i was using really sticky old lug with well fermented squid tip and taking two fish a cast.
was same on sunday guys down from us had fresh hardly got anything we were taking fish every chuck on sticky lug, shame my other half put me to shame tho!!
had six small codling in just over a week they all came to sticky lug too
just walked dog looking a bit flatter this morning, drop sprog at school then i will have a rod in the water. if i can get away with it will try and roll a 3oz around and see if any plaice wanna play
1 - 5 of 8 Posts
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