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Phil Robson Species Hunt 2020

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Leave a few species for us poor Northerners.
I steer clear of the pier this time of year when the mackerel hunters are around with their 6 packs & feathers flying in all directions.
You were that busy catching fish that you didn't realise you were on the West pier not the East. Almost 50 years since we first fished there (49 if we're splitting hairs). We're a little more proficient at catching fish these days & still not to fussy as long as it has fins. Good to catch up again.
50 within sight now, still no thin lip yet?
Happy new year. Not a bad tally for the year, pity you didn't make 50. I've been out of action for the last 2 months with a bad case of sciatica, had trouble standing & walking let alone fishing. It came on after 2 days on the trot sat up the pond after the big perch.
1 - 5 of 75 Posts
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