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Hi all I'm just new to the forum and have recently moved to Aboyne in Aberdeenshire. I am originally from Southern ireland and have always loved Pike fishing. I have been searching online regarding pike fishing in the area but all the threads seem to be very outdated. I thought I woul dstart a new one detailing my experiences of the area and hopefully get some local knowledge while I'm doing it.

Aboyne Loch: I have tried Aboyne Loch 3 times since I moved here and have not had a single take on any lure in those times! I know there have been lots of fish taken by our European friends but I still expected plenty of jack pike to take?? Has anybody been there recently and if so how did they fare out?

Loch Kinnord: I have fished Loch Kinnord 4 times now since moving and have had plenty of jack pike and the odd greedy Perch take the lure in numerous locations on the north and south shores. As I am not familiar with the lakes depths I am unsure if I have been trying the best locations, as I have had no larger fish as of yet. I have seen our European friends first hand every weekend and they always have a hatchet by their sides which looks ominous for any Pike they may catch. It worries me at how many small Pike I am catching! Maybe I am looking in the wrong places but It could also be because most of the big fish have been removed so leaving the smaller ones to rule the roost? It is a very large water so I am hoping that there are a few monsters in there as It is only five minutes from where I live. If anybody has any local knowledge or information regarding the fishing of late it would be much appreciated.

Does anybody know any other places I could try within a reasonable distance of Aboyne. Also if anybody fancies joining me any day they would be more than welcome. I mainly like lure fishing but do deadbate and fly fish from time to time.
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