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Fished Pittenweem pier yesterday, arrived around 4pm and fished the incoming tide and few hours after.
fished 4pm - 11pm

Conditions looked good, coloured water bit off an easterly wind .
Bait : Mackerel, Squid,Mussels,Razors,Baby Squid.Large Blacks.

I setup 2 beachcasters at various distances and a boat rod with an Abu 10000 CA reel with a Conger rig with mackerel flapper lol ( i can only try :) )

shortly after i setup another member on this forum decided too try his luck here too . Madfisher .
he setup 2 rods and was hopeful off catching with the water and wind conditions too !

shortly after we noticed a cracking knock on my rod :notworthy ... which looked Brilliant, only too see a Fulmar flying away lol... it must have flew into my line , looked like a cracking bite all the same lol.

after trying few different baits, not alot else happened... no rattles nowt, baits were stripped most times , either crabs or very small coalfish,
too make things worse 3 seals appeared and stayed all night.

so around 10pm Madfisher left with a dented ego .
i continued too fish and not long after madfisher left my rod actually moved lol.
i picked it up and felt a little movement, struck into it and started reeling , i thought yes im gonna save the blank, only too find it was a large kelp stalk. :)

aye things were that bad i even took a crap piccy off it ahah.

so enough was enough i also left ... 7 hours fishing and not even a nibble lol.
crap !!!!!!!

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unlucky m8 ,the pic of the kelp stalk dont half look like an eel thats had a good battering lol ,

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