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Hi All

Woodster asked me about places in Dorset to Fish and where he could leave his Mrs and her Sis to have a enjoyable day as well? these are the Places I have suggested and wondered if any one had any more!! I know I havent put chesil on the list or warbarrow but who wants to have 2 walk miles carrying everything including the kitchen sink or go down and find its closed due to live firing...

1 Kimmeridge bay.
.. Private owned big carpark .. It is a rocky ledged beach excelent for swimming and safe too. the ledges give great fishing ops with spinners for bass mullet and the like.. Float fishing for pollack and wrass. Some people flyfish for the mullet with maggots The H.I.D can have great fun looking for fossiles in the shale and rock ledges are good for seeing all sorts of marine life. DON'T USE LIMPETS HERE FROM ROCKS AS BAIT!!

2 Lulworth cove
nice deep bay can get a little full of people, if you move round to tips of cove you might find a quiet area to fish... shops and other things to see for H.I.D and Sis... Carpark can be very expensive.

3 Swanage
this town has a peir but not sure if it is open there has been probs with it being wrecked? Very rough bottom and weak links should be used,if not the beach at far end of town is ok to fish. lots of shops for H.I.D and Sis.

4/5 Sandbanks/Shell bay this is the entrance to Poole Harbour
Very nice sandy beaches for the ladies. fishing with spinners or lures for bass you can also ledger might get red gurnard...night fishing is best round here for other fish than bass. do not walk to far around towards studland main will find you are little over dressed if you do..!!!! everything may be showing.

6 Poole town ...
there are some great shops and at the poole pottery shop they might find some nice Discount clothing or pottery? The quay fishes quite well at times, spinning and lures ..and rag baits catch bass and small pollack. You can dig your own worms at baitor or buy them from The Poole Angling Centre.. Say hi to Andy the owner..

7 Weymouth
Here is a real seaside town all the fun of the fair and kissme quick hats....H.I.D and Sis will love it. there are 2 Piers here the one with a light on is the best to fish from you need to cross the lifting bridge to get to it.. before you do cross the bridge on a side street there is a shop I think Called Moto Sail or something like is a surples store and the used to do a great range of Penn Rods and Reels...and a little tackle. from the peir you can catch just about everything except cod and rays..the Mackies will be good fun on light tackle. if you have a handline and a makie head and conger trace you might be lucky about 2/3rds down the peir. Float fishing and ledering are the norm here.. watch out for Yachties getting to close and taking your tackle!!!!

the links should take you to a map of the area i have suggested

I hope it Might help a few people think of coming down here to fish our nice coast

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Hi Pedro

I have Hugh Stoker's Sea Fishing in Dorset 1977 printing I bought it at a car boot for 10p

as a sea angler I don't often use porcupine quill floats now a days?

One thing I did forget to add was on a Tueday evening we have a Bike Night here on the Quay where we get a few thousand Motorbikes!! also in a bar called the oyster quay they have a great tank of fish .... good if you have never seen them before...
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