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After a bit of a health scare last December, I haven't been fishing a lot apart from once at Loughor (didn't really have a very enjoyable day that day because of inclement weather and I just felt too dizzy to get any fun from it...

January 3rd I threw myself into a new regime to try and get myself healthy, totally changed the way I eat and now 3 stones lighter I'm still a bit dizzy but feel a lot better than I did 4 months ago. Weather yesterday looked perfect for Fishing and it also looked perfect for a bike ride but for the first time in months fishing won :) I now have to do my 20 miles in the rain tonight but that's okay.

Baits were Mackerel, Ragworm and Lugworm and decided to do a bit of scratching to see how many species I could get from low to high.. First couple of casts were a bit shocking - I seemed to have forgotten how to cast straight since I put my gear away but I soon got back into it. One rod in really close, not more than 10 feet out with 3 hook flapper and watch lead, second rod out medium distance with loop rig.

The fishing was fairly steady but got better as night fell, in the end it was a fish a cast, too many flounder and pin whiting to count, no codling though which was a surprise and only one doggie :)

Final species tally for the evening;

Dogfish, 3 beard Rockling, Whiting, Flounder, (the worlds smallest) Turbot, school bass.

The only in-size fish were 2 of the flounder but everything swam away safely to fight another day.

So not the most spectacular session, but it was really nice to be out again after all this time and spend a little bit of time with the fish and my thoughts, good therapy! Definitely looking forward to Wrighty's meet up on Aberafan and a maybe a couple of sessions after the rays at Monknash once the tides start building again ;).


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Good to see you back on the fish and nice session.................:thumbs:
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