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Got off to a slow start this year with combination of work and weather.
With the excuses exhausted I decided I'd better notch a few up and with reports of bream and plaice in the bay I had high hopes.
However when I got down to the boat I found the wind stronger than forecast and had a bit of a wobble thinking do I really fancy this? Answer was no for a couple of hours so I fished off the mooring not wanting to waste the fresh rag. Bites were few and far between - a coupe of nibbles and no sign of crabs was not inispiring confidence. When the tide turned however the bites became more eager and I managed to land a couple of small schoolies.
With the wind dropping and confidence slightly restored I decided to stick the nose out if the marina.
It was still too windy to drift properly in the harbour so headed out across the bay. It was was a struggle to find fish but by trying a few spots, including one which popped up on the sounder en-route to somewhere else, I managed to add ballan wrasse, smoothie and pout to the 2016 list - all small. Pics are on the species hunt forum. No sign of the intended targets though and even the pollack which are normally a cert on the rocky patches were conspicuously absent. The good news was that it turned into a lovely evening and with the cold air very few other boats were about - lovely.
I'm getting to like this species hunting lark - formerly I would have said it was a poor day, only a few small fish but nowI think great, four more added to the list :). Also it tends to keep you moving - once you've decided there is mostly one type of fish on a mark you tend to move on to find something else.
Its all in the mind.
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