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Decided to venture out to Pagham last night (15/05/2007). Wind had dropped, rain had ceased and the sea looked nice as I drove along Bognor sea front.

Arrived at Pagham at 9pm and was greated by a large swell with plenty of weed turning over in the surf. There were one or two others fishing in the groynes. I decided to fish to the left of the Sailing club; the beach was totally clear!

Started off with one rod with crab. Had 3lb 12oz hound third chuck. Set up second rod to fish squid bait close in for a bass. This was a waste of time due to the amount of weed swirling around close in.

About an hour later I landed a small pup of under a pound.

Crabs were quite active, and I landed a small spider. Called it a night at 12.20 after reeling in a dog on my last chuck.

All in all, not great fishing but nice to get out all the same.
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