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So I headed off west to Port Eynon and was pleased to be on a campsite right next to the beach. As soon as I had 5 minutes spare I went down and had a mooch about, lifting some rocks etc. Not as much as I'd expect, but it is early May.

There was a reasonable northerly wind for the majority of the weekend so I needed to pick a spot where I could get out of it. Walking across the beach it looked like it could have easily been a tackle graveyard. Anyway, I waited until Sunday evening when the wind died down and headed out for a few hours.

I was only going to spin, but I had a fair selection of lures to choose from. The first thing I noticed was the water was murky, I mean really murky and brown. I headed to the right of the point and fished on up the gullies, then started casting across the bay. There was a lot sediment moving in the water and weed was moving around. Over the course of a few hours I went through almost all of my surface lures as well and my Fiiish Black Minnows (although that would probably have not been seen given the murk) and didn't get a touch.

I think I saw a schoolie break the surface, but couldn't be 100%, but there definitely was a splash. Quite disappointing really, but still nice to be out there after so long away.

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