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Portchester / Portsmouth This Weekend 29-30 Apr

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Hi all,

Am visiting Portchester this weekend from out of town and wondering if its too early to try fishing artificial lures.

Has anyone had any success in the harbour on these as yet this year?

Would I be better off making the trip to Southsea or the southerly tip of Hayling Island to fish outside the harbour waters?

Or is it still just too early for lures?

Not asking for marks, just some general guidance on if its worth getting out for a throw with lures as opposed to bait.

Many thanks in advance for any advice.

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I have had no luck in the harbour with lures yet. I have caught several bass biggest just being a keeper (but went back in) so far this year. They have all come off the bottom using rag and a 2/0 single hook on light gear. Hope this helps
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