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Hi all,

Three of us went up from Mid-Wales to fish this interesting Lleyn Peninsula venue today.

We had mixed fortunes. My mates concentrated on floatfishing with rag and sandeel and landed a few pollack to 2.5lb or so. I tried bottom-fishing with RB rig/disposable sinker and a single-hook paternoster baited with fresh peeler 3ft up from the sinker. Had some cracking wrasse bites but hung up in the kelp every time despite a few moves. Failed to find a clearer patch in other words! Tried big bait at LW and despite a few pecky knocks nothing materialised. Dai had a big spider crab on a smaller bottom-fished bait that dropped off a foot out - like something out of a monster-movie it was!

For the last hour I threw a small Dexter wedge into the boiling tidal run and bagged a few mackerel so at least some fish for tea!

Impressions about the mark:

Easy approach till you get to the rocks themselves which are like some lunar landscape of on-edge slates with deep holes in between. We carried too much kit, big mistake! Getting to casting positions around the LWM was as a consequence hard work. Not a place to trip over, especially alone!

Bottom-fishing is very testing. There were pot-fleets about 60m out and a mass of grabby rock & kelp-forest inside of that! Float-fishing worked but depths at which fish took were seemingly random - 3ft to 15ft+!

Finally the last area (main mark past the first bouldery bay on the path from the car-park) we fished was only viable at LW, and in any lively sea would be pretty dangerous. It has a gully behind you that fills remarkably quickly - an irritating quirk of geology that it's closest to that tidal boil which is well impressive! I'd have liked to have stayed and got a few more mackerel but it was too dodgy. A boat turned up and drifted it for a while just before we left and by God it was bombing along!

So a nice day in the sunshine, a perplexing mark but we all agreed we'd return to give it another whirl! And hey, no Dogfish!

Cheers - John
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