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Fished the Lighthouse this evening..From 5pm till 10.30pm.

lovely weather for the first half hour,then the wind picked up and it was Mighty chilly!!:cold:

i fished 2 rods,one with a 2 hook flapper and a the other with a pulley loaded with large worm baits..

I managed to winkle out 7 whiting and 3 Dogfish(big uns too!),one of the whiting had been attacked by a lamprey recently,the scar was there,,and he was basically a skeleton..poor bugger!..

Plenty of others fishing,but nothing really interesting was caught..I had the best luck with the amount that i caught..

Still and enjoyable peaceful few hours,and its good to get out on the shore(pier) again..



nice one marcus we fished the wall wednesday pout whiting dogs and a dab.freezing cold though. welldone mate:clap3: :clap3: :clap3:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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