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Hi Y'all!

I arrived yesterday at the base of the lighthouse at around midday!..plenty of time to set up my rods

I had a plethera of bait,Including Crab,Sandeel,Squid,Lugworm,Ragworm..
I started fishing,..sat back ,lit a smoke and waited...

Then the wind got up!....:schmoll: was nasty but bearable,bit chilly!..

few more anglers arrived..Introduced themselves as Wilba and the Mighty Snaggletooth!..what was goin on i thought??
Apparently an Impromptu mini meet..

Barrelreef, pobolycwm,radiokaos, also turned up..So it was a fishing sesh,,with added Banter!..excellent!
now i was astounded to learn that,Snaggletooth had Never caught a Dogfish!...and was desperate to get one!!...(WHY? i thought!.heehee)

Anyway, I put him next to me to share tactics,and put him on the best spot on the lighthouse to catch them..

few hours pass with a load of pin whiting being caught,with a few bigger ones,,but not sizeable..they also had that scabby eye thing going on they they always seem to get this time of the year..

Fisher Jay Robbins arrived up the pier with his Dog!..he sat around for a bit chatting away,,when his cabbage of a dog decided to jump down the side of the pier onto a remote ledge that no one could get to!..

Jay was informed of his pets departure off the pier by the Legendary terminology that can only be dished out by Pobolycwm!..

And i qoute!..."Jay!??...Your Dogs F**ked!"

Cue Operation DumbDog rescue!..

Luckily the life ring hadnt been Nicked,so we were able to lower Jay down the side of the wall,so he could grab his daft pet..We then hauled them both back up the wall..all was well!..

Soon after that Snaggletooth got into his first ever Dogfish!..Never has a man been so elated to catch one!..(But after his seventh he was complaining and even packed away 1 rod coz he couldnt be arsed anymore!!>.LOL:notworthy )

It was great day out,weather didnt know what it was doing,We didnt know what we were doing!..

I caught
6 whiting

Snaggletooth had 7 dogs and about 4-5 whiting(i left before they lads did so is subject to change)..

it was pretty much like that for everyone..Dogs and pin whiting..all day..I left at 7.30pm,,but as i say,,some of the lads stayed on..
(special thanks to RadioKaos for the lift home)

There were photos taken..(of dogfish!!!)..ill add them anyone wants!>.

Great day out,good banter,,good fishing..crap weather!>.

Do it again!?....aye!


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Yes it was a brilliant afternoon, excellent Craic ( or in the case of snaggletooth -crack , because he kept showing off his builders bum and non smoking patch. :p)
nice to meet you all.

Welsh Dangler
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Nice to have fished with you lads......meeting Snaggle and catching up with other members I ain't seen for a while..........At least some doggies and whiting showed up heh??:fish:

i dont visit chatter that much either mind i only knew cos Wilba said about fishing there!!

Laughed my ar5e off when Jays dog did that (stupid dog) :roll1: :roll1:

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Many thanks to Marcus for his tips. Shortly after he left the catching dried up a bit and I knew it was time to go back to the car when my bait came back untouched (also I'd left my bottle od water in the car and I was as dry as a bone) and yes I was knackered.

I will be back.:blink:
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