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Went down to Porthcawl (at taxpayers expense) about 3.45pm.

High tide wasn't until 7.30pm so there wasn't many there when we got there. Me and my 10 year old Jak went onto the harbour wall, it's a bit safer there as he's less likely to fall in.

Anyway, not much happened until high tide when the bites started. He had the first catch which was a huge doggie that he couldn't reel up the wall. I swear it was bigger than him. About half an hour later I also caught a large doggie and then a couple of little whiting.
Is it just me or are the dogfish a lot bigger this year than they usually are?

Saw a few others catching big dogfish as well so I don't think many people blanked.

Weather was lovely when we got there, sun was shining, wind was blowing in our faces.
Did get a fair bit colder as the sun went down though.

Bait used was party squid, sandeel and mackerel.
Fish all fell to the mackerel and the sandeel was a complete waste of time, coming out untouched.

We also had a king size ice cream each and then I sent him over to get me a cup of coffee from the kiosk before it shut at 8 o'clock, so that I could sabotage his fishing tackle before he got back as there was always a possibility that he would beat me. And that just wouldn't be right would it..!

Got home at 10pm for sausage sarnies and cup of tea and wife nagging me to go in the shower cos I stink.

All in all an enjoyable evening out.
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