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Porthcawl pier (again)

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Fished (and cleaned !) the pier last night. 4 doggies. Shocked at the litter, took a full bin liner home with me. Shocked at the attitude of other anglers (?) their method of unhooking a belly hooked doggie is to cut the head off to retrieve the hook ! also saw one person snap off five times(dangerously) closer inspection of his tackle said it all. 8oz lead and no shock leader !

Marcus you fishing soon ?
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yes mate..probably thursday or friday..which ever day has bad weather,and rain,,coz maybe those tossers will stay away,,and alow real anglers to enjoy fishing without having to put up with there company

Im sick of the junk up there!..good on you for taking the rubbish dont have to take it home though..If you leave it by the bin by the RNLI shop,,it gets picked up on the morning,

And as for cutting off the heads of dogs for traces.,,Im not even going there. :mad:

Gimme a PM when your out next,,same for blue1927,barrel,and valleyboyo..

we'll all meet up there later in the week and have a laugh!!. :cool:
I've got a couple of hundred hooks (no I didn't inherit them-was a bit too "merry" on E-bay one night and bid too many times) you're welcome to tell those a****oles to contact me and I'll gladly give them two hooks for everyone they leave in the belly of a live dogfish they then return :mad:
yeah i saw the guy with the snap offs. they were almost fighting among themselves in the end lol. i packed up about 1.30 due to not being able to hold my laughter in anymore.

i didnt see what happend with the doggy although i do know it wasnt 1 of the 3 other guys i was with. namely the 1 in the corner buy the steps as he blanked and so did the other 2 on the top ledge :D

i did see the rubbish there again and despite taking alot home with me the past 3 days its always back there at night and in larger quantities than usual. i think this maybe down to the holidays though. roll on next week when they are all back in work ;)
the mess on the pier is way out of control. marcus ill contact the barrel later and let you all know what he wants to do hopefully he will fish the pier again
valley-boyo said:
marcus ill contact the barrel

Haaahahaha..he give u a slap for that.. :cool:
Your right marcus I WILL salp him when I see him. :D

Like you said it is probably because of the holidays and the type of anglers (if thats what to call them) that fish once or twice a year in holiday time with inadequate tackle, who don't really give damn.

The type who leave good marks like bombsites and try to kill or keep anything they catch regardless of species or size. :mad:
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