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yeah the whole thing is true

There was a bloke,wandered up the lighthouse on friday night,,asked one of the boys fishing there,,if he had a spare smoke..

the fisherman said he didnt smoke,,so the bloke stood on the end,,and just jumped off..The fisherman dialed the coastguard..and was watching him in the water with his headlamp...till he disappeard under the water..

he was found saturday morning,,washed up near sker i believe...

All that would of been avioded it idiots stopped nicking the life bouy that is meant to rest on the railings by the lighthouse....

I was up there tonight,,caught 8 mackeral and 1 woofter..

Then a car came blazing up the pier,,and a bloke come out and was running towards was one of the lifeguards,,asking me if id seen a woman in her pyjamas wandering around the place,,and if i do to ring the police immediatly..

suicide hotspot at the moment..

On the upside though,,the missus caught her first fish('s) today unaided by me,,,she did her own casting and retrieving with my little spinning rod...

she had a brace of mackeral(3) on one 5 hook feather trace,,she was well happy..

Marcus :cool:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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