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I was up there with mattrich yesterday(tuesday) evening


Had a cracking bite..slack lined from one side of the lighthouse right the way around to the other...Struck into it and started reeling,,,hell of a fight...pulling and thumping on the rod...i had trouble holding it...

Then PIIIING! gone...bit straight threw my 40lb hook length.

I was livid for ages......gutted..

No idea what it was,,,but it was somthing a bit special i would imagine,,bah!!

couple of lads up there,,met a bloke from the welsh guards,,and his lads!!..felt proud to talk to these fellas,,they do a fine job! :cool:

Mattrich blanked!!hahahahah,,but then again,,so did i....boooooooooo :(
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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