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Portknockie Report

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Headed out with AJ and Thornback for a wee Mackerel sesh,flat calm and pretty warm ,so out we went for about a mile and were getting the odd one here and there,some nice size ones amongst them 2lb plus,tried a wee mark not far off the Bowfiddle rock and had a few cod nothing big around the pound size,ended up with around 40 Mackerel and a dozen codling,steamed in by the rocks and poddlies were coming in thick and fast and the odd bonus Mackerel thrown in .
Son was down the pier fishing after tea time so popped down to see him but all he was getting was poddlies,so a quick rig change and he was into a bonny wee Dab then a small Plaice,ended up with a few dozen poddlies ,2 Flatties and 2 Lyth to 2lb,Noticed a small Conger along side the pier so put on a larger Mackerel bait and dropped it down beside it...............straight away it wolfed it down so after a fair few minutes and a good scrap on a light spinning rod i managed to get it to the surface,not a monster but i would say it weighed 5lb ,picture on my phone so will see if i can get it on tomorrow.EVERYTHING but the Mackerel was returned to fight another day
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good haul there lenny, i bet aj has caught some amount of fish on his week off!:sun::sun:
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