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Fished 2 hours up and three hours down yesterday (28th). Lots of bites, but tally was 3 small Saithe of 3/4lb each and four very small codling - best 1 3/4lb. Saw five others fishing the area, but could not see if they got any action.

Nothing on rag/squid, got all fish on rag/mussel.

Packed up as it was getting dark, but looked promising for those staying on into darkness.
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What was the sea state up there? I fished Windyhills - just outside Arbroath on monday and there was a nice roll on the sea and although not coloured it was far from clear, unfortunately the wind was so strong that i couldn't tell if i was getting any bites. It took me just to get my rod to stay in the rest. Gave up quite quick, hope to get back up to portlethen soon tides not so good this week - I would prefer to fish in darkness......
Sea was lightly coloured, with a 2-3 ft swell. Wind was dropping from about 15 mph down to about 5.

Sun was out the whole time until 3 pm when it dissappeared behind the land.

Really fancied darkness, but had my 11 year old with me, and had to take him home. I think the bigger fish would have come on after dark.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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