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Hi folks as promised a report from last night. I promised a blank report, but actually managed to hook into a few fish.

Big swell last night( pictures don't do it justice), and pretty windy but a cracking looking sea.

To be honest was feeling a little out of my depth as not really had the time to fish much up here, great plans but very rarely get out, in fact just once to east coast. Cut my teeth on the sand and shingle beachcasting,so Aberdeen rocks are brutal to me. Sliding and falling all over the place, but found my feet after hour or so.

Spent the first two hours losing gear, (to be expected) then started to suss it out a bit.

Used squid, mussel,shocking mackerel that had obviously been refrozen at least once, just mush. A few lug and rag that I had managed to quickly dig on Thursday.

Long story short, between my mate and I had half a dozen wee coddies. Using one rod as he's a total noob. Dropped a couple as well, really struggled getting them over the ledges, but got there towards the end, learnt to use the swell better.

all caught on single hook rigs (5/0 manta's), with rotten bottoms. Mostly to squid and lug wraps.

all fish were in size, one only just, but he was gut hooked so came home. Took a few pics but not many as was concentrating lol.


Really lovely clean fish, not a worm in sight,and a vast array of seafood in stomachs. One had a blenny, one what looked like a gurnard, and one that almost looked like a sardine.

Learned a lot, had a great evening, fish for tea. Happy days.

Just to say thanks to folks for their advice on here, read back through it from a couple of years ago, and some really helpful stuff, and for the recommendation to Somers tackle shop. They weren't responsible for the terrible Mackie's, that was forres tackle.


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Nicely done...shame about the dodgy bait... :oops:

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Well done, minging mackie can be a great bait, I use it a lot after we've had a decent frost to shift the crabs away.
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