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Portsmouth 31st April

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Hi Folks,

I, along with three other colleagues + eight others fished on a charter (Meridian Express) out of Portsmouth on Saturday.

With 12 anglers on board we left the marina at 0630 and arrived at our first mark at 0915. Drifting this mark for approx. an hour until slack water we landed numerous Pollock, Mackerel, Pouting, Gurnard, and Ling.

We anchored for a while, and had Conger and Ling with an occasional Pollock.

After a while we moved on to various wrecks where once again the fishing was more or less the same.

Eventually at our targeted wreck for the day we drifted until 1530 adding more Pollock and ling to our collection. Everyone on board had at least four Pollock each. I suppose you could say a good day, but the fishing was all the same, drifting with lures and downtiding, not much excitement. The Adrenaline wasn't flowing.

All in all a good day, pleanty of fish, freezer full but dare I say it, boring.

The only excitement of the day was me trying out my new filleting knife.

All I can say is "When will the Bream turn up" Next time that I go out I will take my spinning rod and spin for Mackerel!!! more fun.


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Now I am worried. I am going fishing with a bloke who has 31 days in his April. Were you using the Piscerian calendar Drew.

If we do this well in June I for one wont say it it boring. That's one benefit of being a beginner, everything is a new experience.

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