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Portsmouth Area Fishing Buddy?

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Ok guys, is anyone willing to take me under their wing for a few fishing excursions?

I'd like to sample the delights of:

Night fishing
Boat fishing
Beach fishing

I live in the Portsmouth area and can travel. I have some very basic gear but would be more interested in watching and taking notes rather than fishing myself well for at least the first time. I'm keen enthusiastic and i'd like to think that I'm reasonably easy to get along with. So if your thinking of going out on any such trips listed above and don't mind a spot of company, I'd like to be considered. Just imagine, i can even act as the runner to get you a late night burger and chips.

I work shifts and this means that I'm available both during the weekends and during the week too.

Many thanks for your careful consideration,


Please PM me with details and contact arrangements.
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there is a charter boat i use actually in portsmouth near whale island, his name is rob and the boat is the sea juicer. don't have his number to hand but he advertises sea angler magazine. very very good knows his stuff and is not affraid to part with his knowlege. i would get on to him as places are limited as he is very popular.
ive only been fishing since october but have already learnt alot from him

well worth a trip
hi paul why dont you try this link ,go onto angling then click availability
theres loads of boats in your area with individual spaces on a daily bases.
good luck
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