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Best advice is to keep going, and not give up. for bass, try a running ledger rig, you can feel the bite...

ive fished hundreds of times in portsmouth, low water/high water, and found it more productive low water coming up. once it hits high water, the fish stop feeding.

Keep going mate, and that bass will come, and you wont look back...

ps, the harder it is to get to a fishing venue, the better.....i think anyway!
Good advice, you been learning how to use the search function but didn't notice the original post was from 2004...lets hope the poster has managed to catch a decent bass in the last 5yrs, not much chance of finding out though with 11 posts in 5yrs.

As a matter of interest have you tried fishing in really close over the HW period, I don't know your area but if you fish deepish areas the Bass might still be feeding over HW but underneath your rod tip. Food for thought and all that.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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