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With a plan so cunning ya could stick a tail on it & call it a dungie bait robbing fox, well more of a headless fox than anything at all :doh:

The hythe trip in the morning failed due to i was having a good nights kip 'n' could not be bothered to get out of bed in time, not that i'm lazy its just a good nights sleep is rare at the moment...

A new half brainer plan was formed :uhuh:

So with local rumours of certian pier fishing well at dusk/night :unsure: fact or fiction, off i set to investigate the dusk HW about 9:45pm. Upon arrival i interrorgated two fisherman type dudes looking rather bored & almost suicidal...

They had only caught 1 whelk between them since fishing the afternoon LW up, feeling rather churpy i piped up...

It will pick for dusk my famous last words :roll1:

Yes well, you can imagine the terrors unleashed upon the lonely soul fishing that pier... Once the sun went down over the hill 2 tiny ting came out to play to wreak havoc upon my vastly untouched, unsuspecting bait, not that bait suspects any thing really ??? well maybe a watery end.

Oh ye i caught a whelk to, exciting...

Minor note of insanity, bluey seemed to attract alot of attention down the side of wall but failed to hook into any thing of interest.

The End
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