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Gonna try a few raw Prawns tomorrow in the hope of a late coddie. Should i peel em? Are they worth trying?

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Well its Friday so how did it go?

Anyway here's my _personal_ view..
If they're those huge frozen ones that are whole then maybe a bit of an expensive bait. Could be fresh water prawns, in which case some say they're not so good. I always found that the body of the shrimp peels itself and all the lovely goop falls out when I elastic that bit on, or it just tears off and messes up the presentation. I gave them up.
I used the raw peeled tails from Aldi, also expensive. They were worth trying out, but were a bit less successful than they needed to be to justify the expense compared with lug. Salted (while they defrost in the bait tub) they toughen up and can be refrozen a few times.
Then I started wondering if raw (albeit frozen) foreign prawns are a good thing to be adding to the local ecosystem. No idea of course, except that native crayfish would possibly say "err on the side of caution", if crayfish could talk, which they dont, obviously.
I _personally_ love to use native prawns or rather brown shrimp caught with the hand net in the warmer months while out pumping lug. They gather at the outflow of the beach gulleys and you can get a reasonable number using a hand net if you concentrate on those places. They can be thrown into a small tub with salt to help them keep otherwise can go off and smell very foul very quickly in warm weather. They freeze fine when they are a bit salted like this.
I tend to associate them with calmer weather, _personally_. I use them on the beach in places similar to where I gathered them where they make a good flatfish bait, or from rocks where they make an excellent wrasse bait especially when feeding the area with a few crushed up shrimp too.
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