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Sounds boring this and to some it may be............But I recon it's important to maximise hook ups especially off the top.

I like a kind of round bend profile rather than the stronger *crystal* type bend that you get on lots of hooks these days.

Typical examples would be the VMC hooks that are readily available and fitted to lots of lures straight out of the box.

Many of the Owner patterns are a similar profile apart from the Owner Stinger hooks.

Thing is the round bend hooks can't be as strong as the crystal bend hooks which tend to break instead of bending like the round benders.

VMC do a nice round bend hook also.

I have always been of the opinion with hooks that to maximize the self hooking thing the round bend is much better as the point stands further away from the hook shank.

Just wondering if anyone else had any wonderings on this...........:)

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Interesting thoughts...
I really like wide rounded gaps hooks for everyhing, from beachcasting(I have an obsession with circles) to the singles I fit in my lures (Decoy 27). I fancied also the shape of the van f o o k ME 41, but i was unable to find them in my desired size.
I also like the profile of the patchinko treebles. I wish I could get them I singles. I like the short shank and curved gap.
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