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Squid turned up at the door unprepared as usaully, brandishing a bag of beer to bribe me into tying a rig or 2 for him:wiggle:

It was his big day as he had a new ABU 6500 C3 CT mag to play with & never off used a multi before :unsure: his style was some what unorthdox more of morning star wielding barbarian taking out old grannys and prams from the prom in foul full blooded pendelum stlye mishap casts :crazy:

The dismembered corpse's came in use for ground bait for the ever present plague of ting & we managed to sell a limb or 2 to a friendly pike angler, apperently they like bloody chunks...

The plan was a 3 up & 3 down affair, fishing up through dusk to HW at 9pm and towards midnight.
Well the day light hour or so was absolutely crap things came to life as soon as the sun went down with a double shot of whiting for us both, this continued for the best of evening most or every other cast.
We bagged 19 ting all released and aprox weight pushing 1/2 lb pleasent suprise for this time of year and hopefully some bigger ones will show soon :)

We fished some some 200m up from the grub groyne near a single set of steps with railings, we lost 3 sets of tackle here due to suspected line snags about 30 to 50 yard out. Infact squid managed to catch a 3 rd whiting on last cast which was attached some 8'' below his leader knot on his 2 hook flapper due to a lost set of our gear early on in the evening.

We had planned to fish twiss rd groyne for a few dabs to make up for sole session at dengemarsh which didn't occur due to gill nets, the location at twiss was very busy and best part of fishermans beach was crowded by other anglers, infact they was an alot of people out their tonight bit more than i suspected....

Must be those darn pesky codlets

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Good report mate

Did better than the 5 of us who fished Folkestone then, just pout to a pound, ting, a small pollock (released) but a bonus real big edible crab hanging onto the hook, bonus being it was sold 45 minutes after coming out and the money going into the pot for our 2011 R N L I fundraising
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