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Went and wet a line at priory this afternoon,.. Only a small tide ( 7.9 Metres )
so decided best to fish the point for three hours as the shore drops off and
the channel cuts in,...
Had occasional knocks from the first few casts resulting with nowt,...
Then Bang.. a stonking bite... (Three BIG, Stinging Slams followed by a fourth
that held then dropped back. )
...... I struck at it, but nothing, not a thing.
( could it have been a Bass ??? I have caught once here before but it
wasnt to a bite as sharp )...... GUTTED.
Decided to change rig, for slightly larger hooks and after a quiet half hour
started getting knocks and rattles that continued to the end of the session,
Resulting in eight flatties... the smallest about 1lb with a couple just over 1.5lb.
A nice session with good weather for a change.
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