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Problems with Coleman Powerhouse 295

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......Ok Guys I realise these are not as popular as they used to be, but I want to use when I take my son out for his first few trips (adds a good atmosphere to the occasion!)

Now I have recently purchased very cheaply from a friend whom admits he was given the above lamp.
I soon realised pump was knackered along with Generator that was not working and badly damaged so replaced them both.
Now since adding new parts all I can get when turning the "On" lever and giving it a good pump is a good "hissssssss" !
There is no spluttering like I get with a coleman sportster stove as fuel comes through, Its just like air without fuel vapor.
I've taken the new generator on an off several times now, but same negative results ....still wont light!
Any help or advise appreciated, as I'm now on 3rd pair of ruined mantles!!
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On the generator there is a L shaped clip have you put this in correctly ? on the other end is a if you put it out there is a sharp point and the has to go into the valve at the end it is very tiny so be careful
Hi Yakdriver,
just re-checked all you said an needle at other end is definitely in the right position, tried again with high hopes as your advise made really good sense......unfortunately the Barsteward lamp did not agree!.....aaahhhhhh!!:mad::mad:

....oh an L shape bit is defo hooked up properly, but takes me a while to fiddle it in the right position!
have you tried flushing the tank out mate? It's obviously getting pressure. may be a bit of crap in the bottom??
Also (sorry bout this) you are burning off your new mantles?
Ok.....just given it a 5min shake around with just a little fuel in it with aspen4 this stuff runs great in my stove so cant believe it wont on a Coleman Lamp! I doing this correctly or should I use another liquid to flush/dislodge crap?
....I've burnt of my 3rd set of mantles correctly but not on any occasion has there been even a flicker of life from the lamp.
Just swill it and pour it out. Pour over a cloth if you can to see if there is any crap in the bottom Kev.
Aspen4 that's what i use in mine. Good stuff.
Do you know what your mate used to put in it?
Getting a spark?
Use the filter funnel when filling?
It's highly flammable stuff your using so it just can't be getting through the generator, If it were it should ignite.. even if it didn't kick in.
......Think I'm getting there!!
just drained off the fuel and its coming out sludge!
will do a few more times till fuel is there a better liquid to flush it with?
Petrol would be cheaper at the moment mate...I'm not clued up enough to know if there is anything else you can use.
....just been thinking the same Dave as at this rate a new Lamp will work out cheaper!!
Luckly I have some fuel down the shed.....I know how to have a good time on a Saturday evening:):)!
I'm determined to win this one!
拢130 new mate!!
To be fair Kev there ain't much on them to go wrong. Now sit down!!!
If you got the crap out of the tank there is a chance you have some in the generator. But i would give her a blast before you mess with that (fiddly temperamental thingies.) Cost a fair bob when you f-ck em up to!.
....well the crap that is coming out of the tank is just unbelievable!......what the hell is all that gundge?:confused:
its a lot trust me!!
I'm just pouring unleaded into it giving it a good swill round and then filtering into a container through kitchen cloth so I can see how much crap is coming out.
every couple of filters I'm just pouring the fuel back into the petrol can as the paper towels are catching the lumps of shite!
I've not finished yet, because its been over an hour an crap is still coming out, I've ruined one mat and my slippers are covered in fuel an wifey is starting to give me grief!!:eek:
shall let you know the outcome in the near future!;)
thanks for your help Yakdiver & Dave:)
!!! Not wanting to state the obvious!! when you get the bulk of the crud out start using clean petrol.
Sounds like you best get her going now, may be the only think keeping you warm tonight the way your going lol.
Good luck with it mate
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After you have had a play and had wife clump you round ears with frying pan!
Before filling with anything pump it right up till hard dab of oil inside pump also norm hole in top for it then pump it right up then just open knob till all gone so blows anything out then get some injector cleaner or similar does burn can top up with some petrol but don't need it full burn that off keep pumping so cleans burner etc as unleaded fuel tarnishes insides plus has water in it!
Ive had them just sold a pair of them plus stoves generator tube/wire get's gummed up from crap in unleaded i take it apart and clean or use cleaner in tank and burn off
i know there's loads of addatives in petrol hence using naptha(burns cleaner and hotter (from what iv'e read) but your knowledge tourna is farrrrrrrrrrrrr superior than mine mate. Good info that!!
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