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Howdy folks!

I saw an advert. for a prop. guard to protect against stray bits of

rope & stuff, and I'd like an opinion on whether they're worth fitting or not.

I'm completely new to boats, so I haven't got a bloody clue!

This prop. guard is like a round cage that surrounds the prop. and stops

anything from touching it. The price is about £105.

If I do fit one any ideas on whether it could affect performance or whatever?

My engine is a Honda 75hp. outboard, and according to the advert. this guard

can be fitted to outboards or inboards.

Any info. or ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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Much obliged Blueskip!

As a complete beginner I can only go by Magazine articles I read & stuff

like that. 1 or 2 articles have been filled with dire warnings about rope round

props. and wrecked shafts & things!

Trying to prepare to take the boat out for the first time, I'm a bit paranoid

about safety of my family and all that!

Anyway, reading between the lines with your' reply, I'll assume it's not

something that happens all the time, and put the money towards some more

fishing tackle!!

Thanks again!

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Hello again Blueskip!

Yes, I have got a back-up engine mounted alongside the main one.

It's a Honda 6hp. 4str. which I thought would be too small, (the boat is an

Orkney "Pilothouse 20") but Cambrian boats said that's all I need!

I was still dubious so I 'phoned Orkney & they told me the same as Cambrian,

so that's what I got! We've gradually got Flares, Lifejackets,VHF radio,(just done

the course & got a licence!) GPS, Fishfinder. And I've just finished a 20week

"Dayskipper" course, so I am trying!!

I've got a berth available now and I still don't know how to connect up the petrol

tanks to the engine, let alone how to start the ruddy thing! So at the moment

the boat's still sitting on it's trailer in our garden. As soon as I've read all the

instruction books and plucked up enough courage, we'll be towing it to the

Marina and see if if we can launch it! (bought all the rods & reels over the last

10 mnths. so no excuse now!!) Good 'ere innit?

Thanks for the info. and good luck!


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Wow! What a response!

I never knew there was so many helpful people about!

If only you lot were in the Aberystwyth area and not the other way (Swansea)

I'd be full of confidence!! The berth I've been waiting for and have now got is in

Aberystwyth Marina, miles away from you lot!

And by the sound of things all the fishing folk are around your' neck of the woods,

so it looks like I'll be the only one fishing out of Aber.

Anyway, Chris, Blueskip, Fishy, much appreciate all the info. and back-up, there's

obviously far more friendly folks about than I could imagine. Wish I was down

your end, but too far for me to travel!

Thanks again, and I will stay in touch on here!!

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