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I'm going to do some float fishing this weekend and the question is : when fishing the float, should I have the depth set to fish the sea bed? or do you have it set about half way in depth?? and have it on drift !!

I'll be using my pike rig so I can hold quite a large bait!!

Any thoughts would be great :)


Bobcat :cool:

I assume that this question is directed at me :)

Here goes, the floats I normally use are pike deadbait and livebait sliders, the XL ones, they take one ounce to **** and the advantage of these, as you know, is that you can adjust the depth to whatever you want. For float fishing in the sea I try and start off either:

1) mid depth
2) close to features and snags
3) cwithin 2'(ish) of the bottom!

I normally let the current 'trot' the float to wherever it wants to drift.

Hope that helps!

For those who are interested, I am off down the Short Arm on Thursday with some live sandeel to fish the inside, close to the end!

Bobcat said:
Thanks Phil,

I'll give it a spin :D


Thats another thing, when you are float fishing and you want to change the bait, alter depth etc, dont just wind in fast, wind in as though you are spinning, you might be surprised to get a bonus fish this way!

Bobcat said:
Bait ?

Would a small slice of maddie be ok? I'm also thinking about shrimp/squid !!
That would be fine, if you are going to mackeral, then I would suggest the silver part of the fish, your aim is to make it look a small fish!

Shrimp, prawns, baby squid, squid strip, squid head, anything reall, just match the bait and hook sizes!
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