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hi all,

for part one of our day have a look in the boat fishing section.

well,after the bad start to today down at newhaven we bought some ragworm from the tackle shop down there and headed off to the sea wall at queenborough on the isle of sheppey hoping to catch a flounder or two.

left newhaven at 10.30am,went home to sittingbourne,changed kit,and got to queenboro at and me mate mark had got a pack of rag each that was easy over a score for £2.50!!!also we had a flask of crab out me freezer from last years we baited up with rag,casting out at various ranges but nothing,just stripped hooks in a matter of i stuck on some frozen crab and was into a codling straight away!it only went about a pound but it saved me the dreaded blank!!in the end i had 2 codling this size and poor old mark got nowt!(sorry mate)

it wasn't the best day's fishing in the world but it felt a little like summer in the sun and out of the wind at queenboro.better than a day at work though!.....dave.
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