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Our peak season in Costa Rica is Nov-Apr when we see most of the travelling British/European Anglers. July is by no means a peak fishing month but due to the European summer holidays there are more Brit and European tourists in Costa Rica than there are at any other time of year, just not so many hardcore British/European Anglers who in general save their visit for the peak months when the Fishing is more consistent.

July saw some really nice action with both Marlin & Sailfish off Quepos. Several boats in the Quepos fleet had bumper Sailfish days catching more Sailfish than they had since the early part of the year which was a great sign. The Blue Marlin bite went off especially when there was floating debris found and days of 10+ Marlin bites between a few boats were recorded several times aswell as a few Blue Marlin, Striped Marlin, Sailfish 'Grand Slams'. On certain days there was lots of bait offshore with birds and dolphins everywhere which was another great sign and there were some solid Yellow Fin Tuna caught on poppers & livebaits.

We had a great month, caught lots of species with some great fishing both Offshore & Inshore. We caught Blue Marlin, Sailfish, Wahoo, Amberjack, Dorado, Tuna, Snapper, Grouper, African Pompano, Roosterfish, Mackerel, Jacks, Big Eyed Jacks, Rainbow Runners plus tons of other bottom species. Our Offshore bottom fishing in July was fantastic with lots of big Silky Snappers, Groupers, Tilefish & more. We tagged & released lots of fish to support the research efforts of Gray FishTag Research and love being involved with this. Inshore we caught lots of Roosters over 50lb and there were some quality Snook caught by some of the Inshore Pangas at our rivermouths.

Our Marlin FAD Fishing at the Offshore FADS/Seamounts around 100 miles offshore went crazy during July. One boat, the 'Tranquilo' released 50 Blue Marlin during 4 multi-day trips to the FADS. Many other boats caught 10-20 Marlin per trip in 3-4 days fishing. Crazy numbers. I need a bigger boat, my little 31 footer is not big enough to do the FAD trips safely & comfortably!

A summary of the 20 trips that we did aboard GOOD DAY during July as follows:

1 July – 35lb Amberjack, 25lb Wahoo, 2 Yellow Fin Tuna, Snappers
4 July – 2 Dorado, 1 Yellow Fin Tuna, 3 Rainbow Runners, 1 Jack
5 July – 1 Sailfish, 1 Dorado, 3 Tuna, 6 Grouper, 1 Tilefish, 8 Devilfish
6 July – 6 nice sized Mackerel
7 July – Half day Inshore, no fish today, very slow
8 July – 2 Dorado
9 July – 2 Tuna, 10 Groupers, African Pompano, Snappers, Tilefish, Devilfish
11 July – 40lb Roosterfish, 1 Mackerel, 1 Jack & some bottom fish
14 July – 1 Wahoo, 25 Groupers, 8 Snappers, Margaritas, Tilefish, Splittail Bass, Devil fish & more
15 July – 2 Snappers 13lb & 8lb, 4 Groupers, Tilefish, Grunts & other bottom species
16 July – Dolphin/Whale watching trip
17 July – 2 nice sized Roosterfish, Yellowtail Snappers & Grunts
18 July – 100% of the proceeds for today’s trip was donated to a very important local animal charity PAWS. We caught tons of Snappers, Groupers, Tilefish & other bottom species
20 July – Awesome day - tagged a 50lb+ Roosterfish with an electronic tag for Gray FishTag Research (only the 4th Roosterfish in history to have an electronic tag attached to it!)
21 July – 0 for 1 on Sailfish, caught plenty of nice Snapper, Grouper, Tilefish, Devilfish & other bottom species
24 July – 43lb Dorado, 2 sharks. Seen several Sailfish & a Marlin on top. Lots of Marlin caught by other boats today
25 July – 1 Sailfish, 1 Tuna
26 July – 50lb Roosterfish
27 July – 180lb Blue Marlin, 5 Tuna, 4 Snappers & other bottom dwellers
31 July – 8 Snappers, 4 Groupers, 1 Tuna, lots of Tilefish, Devilfish, Splitail Bass

In August we expect the Blue Marlin, Sailfish, Tuna, Dorado, Snapper, Grouper to continue Offshore with Roosterfish, Snook, Snappers, Jacks and Mackerel Inshore. It is now peak time for Humpback Whales also which make for great viewing during many of our trips with Mothers & Calves close to shore and lots of breaching and fin slapping etc, which is very cool!

Tight lines!



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