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Hi folks

September was a short month for us as we prepared to haul our boat GOOD DAY out for 5 weeks of annual maintenance so that we are ready to go again for high season.

We received plenty of afternoon showers which are expected at this time of year but only a few days of the really torrential rain that September and October is famous for. Perhaps mother nature is saving those up for October which is ok by us as we will be busy in the yard with the maintenance!

There were Yellow Fin Tuna, Blue Marlin and Sailfish offshore with the odd Mahi-Mahi caught. There were a few Black Marlin caught during the month live baiting over the reefs whilst bottom fishing on those same reefs there was some good Grouper and Snapper caught. Inshore it was mainly Roosterfish, Snappers, Jacks and Mackerel. Some very nice Snook caught this month over on our Caribbean coast but there was a real shortage of bait at the rivermouths close to Quepos so there have not been many Snook caught in September. Tarponville Lodge over on the Caribbean coast have had some excellent Tarpon fishing during September which they expect to continue in October. The Cano ***** & Rio Frio have also provided some excellent Freshwater Tarpon action during September.

We managed to get several trips in out of Quepos before we took the boat out of the water and our catch summary:

1 September – 7 Yellow Fin Tuna up to 58lb & a Sailfish

3 September – 1 for 2 on Sailfish and 2 Yellow Fin Tuna. Incredible weather & flat calm sea today, felt like the middle of January!

4 September – 8 Tuna up to 50lb & lost a Sailfish. Had some young Scientists from the University of Costa Rica aboard tagging fish & taking genetic samples for their study on food chain management, very cool!

5 September – 2 for 6 on Sailfish & caught some Groupers for dinner

9 September – 2 Sailfish & 1 Tuna

16 September – Raised a Blue Marlin but he wouldn’t eat, caught 1 Yellow Fin Tuna and 3 Bonito

18 September – Whale watching trip – we seen 4 Humpback Whales

20 September – Inshore trip, 1 Big Eyed Jack & some snappers

We have a ton of maintenance & upgrades scheduled for the boat during October and we will be back in the water and ready to go for high season on 1 November.

Benn Gilmour


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